Asantewaa Shares Romantic video of herself with her husband (watch)

Asantewaa, a Tik Tok celebrity, has posted a gorgeous video with her spouse, as well as a romantic song by Kwabena Kwabena, expressing her love for him.

Asantewaa usually shows off her family on Instagram, but she does it when she feels like it, and this time she released a beautiful video of her and her husband riding in a car while listening to love music.

According to the video’s background music, Asantewaa is very satisfied with her decision to marry her husband and would probably make the same decision again if given the chance, demonstrating how much love she has for him, contrary to popular belief.

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Some people believe Asantewaa isn’t pleased or proud of her marriage because of her films with her manager, which is why she hasn’t been showing him off, but this video proves otherwise, as she looks to be really in love.

Not everyone in the spotlight enjoys flaunting their family, and Asantewaa looks to be one of those that do not enjoy flaunting their family on social media, regardless of what others think or say about it.