Asantewaa now living with her brother because her husband sacked her from his house for cheating

Controversial Asantewaa, a TikTok star and influencer, is said to have been kicked out of the home she shared with her husband after she disrespected him on multiple occasions and showed signs of cheating on him.

Asantewaa has frequently been in the news over the past few years for the actions she has depicted on social media, specifically citing Tiktok as the major platform that gives of examples of disrespectful behaviors displayed by a wife. Her close relationship with Cassious, who is also her manager, has always caused outrage among both her followers and her detractors on the internet.

In the Ghanaian community, it is considered inappropriate for the well-known influencer to be seen flirting with Cassious, her dashing manager, and to give him access to her marital body parts. This behavior is frequently observed.

However, it was revealed that Asantewaa has moved out of the house she shared with her husband, according to a comment that was spotted in the comments section of a post made by an Instagram blogger who goes by the handle @Mari gyata. The comment has since been deleted.

It is also alleged that Asantewaa and her now-alleged ex-husband have been living apart for some time, which is what prompted her to construct her own home.

The rumor mill has it that Asantewaa is currently residing with her brother, Kay Verli, who is also in the news for a variety of unfavorable reasons, the most prominent of which is his involvement with Ama Official. Asantewaa relocated to be with him after being expelled from the home she shared with her husband as a consequence of multiple allegations of cheating and gross disrespect on her part.

The well-known Tiktoker has not yet commented on the allegations that have been made against her, but it is obvious that she is no longer living with her husband.

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