Asantewaa and Her Manager Surface Again With Another Romantic Video Dancing To Kidi’s Song (Video)

This time around, Asantewaa and her manager are making their followers talk about their relationship by jamming to KiDi’s Mon Babe and acting as if they are lovers.

The two have received a lot of criticism for how they appear to be in a romantic relationship even though they are both married – yet it appears they are not moved by the criticism and it is evident in this new video.

In the said video, Asantewaa and her manager were caught on camera grooving to KiDi’s Mon Babe, and it was delightful to see since the chemistry and energy between the two is so strong and contagious.

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The more Asantewaa and her manager are criticized for their connection, the more romantic videos they release. This has led some to assume they are promoting their brand by acting as lovers even though they know it is improper.

watch the video below: