"Are you still president?" – Yvonne Nelson questions Nana Addo over outrageous prices of items

“Are you still president?” – Yvonne Nelson questions Nana Addo over outrageous prices of items

Actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson recently tweeted a question to the country’s president, asking if he is able to sleep despite the country’s dire economic situation.

Yvonne Nelson is a well-known person who often uses her social media profile to criticise the current government and ask for an explanation when things aren’t going well.

The actress revealed the receipt for a bottle of eye drops she recently purchased, revealing a significant price rise. Yvonne claims that the original price was 120 GHC, while the current selling price is between 273 GHC and 300 GHC.

Yvonne Nelson explained that the eye drop she uses is a specific kind of eye drop that lowers the pressure on her eyes in the hopes of preventing her from developing glaucoma in the future. However, the recent increase in the cost of the eye drop has left her feeling uneasy.

She tweeted, “Mr. President, @NAkufoAddo, this eye drop ( xalacom) was 120ghc, its now 273ghc and even 300ghc in some pharmacies. I need to use this every evening, without it, the pressure on my eye will go up and will result in glaucoma.

“How many Ghanaians do you think can afford this? Are you still president? Are you still in this country? Do you hear people crying? Are you this heartless? No more campaigns ahead so you are unbothered? You obviously feel nothing for Ghanaians. Such a disappointment.”

“Is bleeding… it’s that bad! We cannot live this way! Are you able to sleep at night? Are people close to you aren’t telling you? You have failed every citizen! @NAkufoAddo“