“Anyone who defends Joyce Blessing is a prost!tute like her “– Agradaa (Video)

Nana Agradaa, who recently turned from a fetish priestess into an evangelist, has pounced on Joyce Blessing and those who sympathize with the gospel musician.

This comes on the heels of claims that Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband discovered that one of their children is not biologically his following a DNA test.

Agradaa says she expects Joyce Blessing to demonstrate sorrow and stop being defensive when it’s clear she cheated on her husband.

According to the controversial evangelist, after God revealed her for her immoral activities as a fetish priestess, she humbled herself before God in order to ask forgiveness, so Joyce Blessing should emulate her.

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She stressed that when someone does an error, individuals who commit similar evil acts are afraid to condemn him or her due to their guilty conscience. To her, all the people defending the musician for cheating are also prostitutes since no real child of God would condone such behavior.

watch the video below: