“Any Landlord who demands more than 6 months advance in rent should be jailed”- Rent Control

The Rent Control Department has reminded landlords of the severe penalties that will be imposed if they violate the six-month rent policy.

In a statement, Rent Control Officer Emmanuel Harvey Kporsu stated that landlords who demand more than six months’ rent in advance may face jail time.

On Joy News’ Law program on Monday, he reiterated that such a financial move is illegal under the law.

“Under Section 255 of the Rent Act 1963; Act 220 Section 25 Sub-section 5; Any person who has a condition of grounds renewal or continuity of tenancy demand in a case of a short or monthly tenancy the payment in advance of more than a month rent or in a case of tenancy exceeding six months the payment in advance of more than six months rent shall be guilty of an offense and upon conviction liable to a fine not exceeding 500 penalty units equivalent to GHC 6,000 or

Defiant landlords will be fined GHC 6,000 or imprisoned for two years if found guilty, according to the law.

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However, the officer revealed that it is up to the Magistrate’s discretion, elaborating that landlords can be fined and imprisoned at the same time if found guilty.

Mr. Kporsu urged landlords to strictly enforce this law in order to avoid tenant disputes.

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