“Any girl who uses makeups and wigs will go straight to hell”- Yaw Siki

Yaw Siki, a former hip-hop musician who is now a gospel minister, has compiled a list of objects that, in his opinion, can easily lead a person to Hell in the afterlife.

People who buy weaves, makeups, jewelry, and rings, among other things, will not join the Kingdom of God when they die, according to him.

The preacher warned that girls who wear slacks, high heels, and use bleaching and toning treatments will be barred from entering paradise, citing the Bible.

He wrote on Twitter:

Hello people of God; Please take note of Isaiah 3: 16 – 23 ; And stop using the weavons, the makeups, the jewelries, the rings, the earrings, the trousers, the high hills, the bleaching and toning creams; It will prevent you from Yahweh’s paradise[SIC].

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