Another Ghanaian [email protected] man gets married to his white husband in a colorful ceremony (photos)

Recently, the odd and dangerous conversation about (LGBTQ) has overtaken social media. It’s amusing how some people who should know better try to justify an act of lunacy in the name of basic human rights.

Few understand why any reasonable human being developed for 9 months by a woman would seek to satisfy sexual desires with same-gender partners. Would they be alive if their parents had chosen that path? Why do humans do this?

Nothing bothers me more than two adult guys with stony butts piercing an empress’s luscious, calming, attractive body. “What a sin!”

What is this LGBT thing if not witchcraft, madness, or both? It’s not going to cease today or tomorrow. To eliminate this cultural canker, we must use both diplomatic and radical methods.

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As a result of Ghana’s discrimination towards the LGBTQ community, many have relocated to countries that accept them. Because Ghana and some African countries do not welcome gay or lesbian individuals, they have started running to live in countries where they can live happily.

Strangely, wedding photos of a Ghanaian man and his white gay husband have appeared on the internet. The man in the images wore a bright “kente” fabric with his partner wearing a white African cloth. They had Ghanaian bead necklaces.

The odd couple kissed in a snapshot to show their friendship, love, and admiration. What has possessed this generation’s youth to want to marry their own gender?

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Here’s the social media post.

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