Angry Man destroys speed bump, says it obstructs drivers (video)

Angry Man destroys speed bump, says it obstructs drivers (video)

A man was caught on camera destroying a speed bump in the middle of the street.

In the viral video, the man is seen angrily breaking the speed bump with a pickaxe.

The man filming approaches and attempts to draw the angry man’s attention.

When his “hello” went unanswered, he approached the man and said, “Oga, good morning.”

The man who was breaking the speed limit responded: “What can I offer you? First, let me get rid of this.”

He then proceeds to break the rest of the speed bump.

When he’s finished, he can be heard complaining that almost every road has speed bumps, which he considers a “obstruction” that makes driving difficult.

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“I am not against bumps but bumps should be at the appropriate position,” the man said.

When the man filming asked if he understands the implications of his actions, he revealed that he isn’t finished yet and intends to destroy more speed bumps.

He said: “I still have more to do. There are more of it.”

The video has gone viral, but the location where it was shot is unknown, despite the fact that the man stated that he is in Nigeria.