“Angel in Sneakers” – Internet users react to footage of a supposed Angel appearing in a church.

Because of a post published by their pastor, the Faith Foundation Ministry has become the target of scathing remarks.

The pastor of a church in Porto Novo, Benin Republic, has disclosed that an Angel was seen on video at the church’s cross-over ceremony on December 31st.

He used footage of the alleged Angel to support his allegations, which he then released on YouTube.

Netizens were amused by the fact that the Angel was dressed in sneakers, which surprised them.

Below are some of the reactions to the pastor’s claims

Mikkey Eckor
I think I know that Angle from birth.. I escort him to buy that sneakers he was wearing

Eeeei Engle b3n nie .. Nntro) paa ni !!

Adams Wise Hassansas
This angel get swag paa oo, Angel wearing canvas/sneakers Eii Africa Hmm .

Cindy Gyabeng-Anim
Angel wearing shoes? Wow
What God cannot do does not exist

Nana Adobea
Angel wearing sneakers eeei the Angel be guy roug the Angel knows wassop

Yvonne Asamoah Boadu
Angel wear comboo? Read the book of revelations to see how they look u will even run away when u see one physically.