Ama Broni’s Mother narrates how Ama left her twins at Akwatia and fled to Accra (video)

The mother of the dead young slay queen, Ama Broni, told reporters how she chose to, without her wisdom and blessing, run away from home one day with a friend to Accra.

According to her, even though they were staying in different households, Ama Broni stayed with her in Akwatia.

She revealed that Ama Broni had a friend who stayed in Accra all the time, but often came to visit her family in Akwatia.

‘She said she would take Ama Broni to Accra on different occasions whenever this friend of Ama named ‘Aso’ came along, so they would work and make some money.

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Ama’s mom said she was never in favor of this idea because her stepfather (Ama Broni’s), who happens to be her uncle, offered her money to start a company and make all the money she needed.

However, on the 23rd day of December 2020, to her utmost horror, Ama Broni fled with this same friend to Accra after Ama purposely came to leave her twins the night before in her room.

For the entire heartbreaking story, follow the video below.