Alpo Martinez Wife (Name, age, net worth, children)

Alpo Martinez Wife (Name, age, net worth, children)

Who is Alpo Martinez?

Albert Geddis Martinez, also known as Alpo Martinez, Abraham G. Rodriquez (witness protection), or simply as Alpo or Po (June 8, 1966 – October 31, 2021), was a New York City-based American drug dealer of Puerto Rican descent. In the mid-1980s, he rose to prominence.

Alpo Martinez

How did Alpo Martinez die?

According to a law enforcement official, Alpo Martinez, a former Harlem drug kingpin who became an informant, was killed not for snitching but because of a simmering feud over his erratic driving.

When Alpo Martinez was shot and killed in the early hours of Halloween last year while carrying a fake driver’s license, rumors flew about who might have finally come for him. Mr. Martinez had amassed a long list of enemies during his decades-long Icarian arc, first as a ruthless drug kingpin in the 1980s, and then as a federal informant.

However, his death was not the result of long-awaited retaliation for his infamous betrayal, according to a law enforcement official.

Instead, authorities believe Mr. Martinez was killed over a street feud stemming from his penchant for riding his motorcycle dangerously down Harlem streets.

According to a senior law enforcement official, Shakeem Parker, 27, was charged last week with Mr. Martinez’s murder — a shooting that resulted from an incident in which Mr. Martinez buzzed past Mr. Parker.

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Alpo Martinez wife

Alpo Martinez never spoke publicly about his personal life, and no information about his wife was available on the internet.

We have no idea whether he married or not because he never spoke about his personal life, but he undoubtedly has a wife and children.

According to reports, his partner was with him when he was detained and was also present when the judge sentenced him to 35 years in prison.

Alpo Martinez children

The Harlem native is said to have three sons, one of whom is a rapper named Popperazzi Po, another named Gumby, and another whose name is unknown.

Po, born Randy Harvey on November 2, 1986, grew up in New York without knowing who his father was. He was raised in an entirely different family, and those around him only began to wonder about his paternity after the 2002 release of the film Paid In Full.

Because of the violent way he allegedly dealt with Po, the film implied that Po’s father was not his birth father.


Po is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, not African-American, as many assumed when he was younger.

Despite his father’s identity, he became involved with gangs and claims to have made a name for himself in Harlem. He used the time he spent in juvenile detention and about seven years in prison to write raps.

Alpo Martinez net worth

13 Aug 2022 — Alpo Martinez had a $1 million net worth. Alberto Geddis Martinez was Alpo’s full name, but he was also known as Alpo Martinez or simply Alpo.