All My Money Has Been Wasted – Young Guy In Tears After Discovering He Bought Fake iPhone 13 Pro Max

After discovering he had been duped, a young Nigerian man who thought he was the proud owner of the expensive iPhone burst into tears.

The unknown young man had most likely gone to town to purchase an iPhone 13 Pro Max only to discover that the phone was a fake and not what he had paid for with his hard-earned money.

A video posted online shows the unhappy guy with a pained expression on his face, almost in tears, as his fake iPhone sits on his lap while he sits on his bed.

Sharing the clip on social media, the victim wrote; ”I just wasted all my money”

Reacting to the video one @liquidcurrency44 wrote; “You sit for floor and you’re thinking of iPhone 13 pro max. If you no get money to buy another 13 pro max in case it got stolen then you never reach to buy am. Lol iPhone Na your mate?

Watch the video below: