"All beautiful women are cΰrsed"- Prophet Ajagurjah

“All beautiful women are cΰrsed”- Prophet Ajagurjah

In an exclusive interview with Kumasi-based Abusua FM, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, also known by his stage name, Prophet Ajagurjah, asserted vehemently that all attractive women are cursed.

The self-described spiritual bulldozer claims that most successful women we know are not attractive on the outside, and that successful women who are attractive are actually less successful.

Ajagurajah went on to say that most ugly individuals work hard and are persistent in pursuing their goals for a better life.

According to him,

“In fact today I saw a woman driving a very good car. Her face alone made me want to throw up. But she is the one who makes the big money in town,” 

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“It is a fact that more than half of women who make good money all by themselves and not with the help of any man are very ugly looking. So don’t be so excited and say ‘I am aware’ when men give you compliments of beauty,”

“A lot of the extremely beautiful never find loyal husbands of their own. See the women head porters who chase cars just to pick loads to make a living. Observe some of the women who hawk in traffic. Some are the most beautiful you will find,”