‘Most Songs made in Ghana are useless and only talk about sex’- Akwaboah

Ghanaian highlife singer Akwaboah has lamented the country’s music industry’s shortcomings.

speaking on Citi FM’s “Celebrity Radar,” he expressed concern about how music is treated in this nation.

Many of the songs created in Ghana, according to his best knowledge and experience in the industry, are void.

“I am not a radio person or television person but once in a while, I love to listen to what’s happening around. And then you know what to do when writing songs and stuff. And there is one thing that I have realised. Most of the songs that we are doing now are hollow. They are very empty. They are very empty in the sense that the lyrics are not strong enough,” he said.

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He also pointed out that sex-laden songs have taken over the space, displacing songs that tell real-life stories and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Some of them are all about s3.kx. I mean without it, it feels like there is no music in Ghana. I mean what our forefathers left us with was not just about sex and everything. They were talking about realities in life. When you are sad, there are songs to listen to, when you are happy there are songs to listen to. If they wanted to talk about sex and everything, they had a way to go about it. But now it’s just raw. People talk about it anyhow,” he added.

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