“Akuffo Addo manhood is not working properly”- Serwaa Bronii

When Kevin Taylor of Loud Silence TV announced his interview with Serwaa Broni on social media, it went viral.

While some were excited to hear the confessions of a mistress of Ghana’s first gentleman, others were terrified of the impending scandal.

Following a long wait for the interview to air, over 17,000 Ghanaians turned in to see the historic interview.

Serwaa Broni answered questions on the presidential scandals and Akufo-Addo throughout the interview.

Serwaa Broni claims that her family pressured her to keep quiet about the affair due to Hopeson Adorye’s influence.

She also referred to Ghana’s president as a female colleague, claiming that Akufo-Addo suffers from erectile dysfunction.

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She also said that she had several of her relations with Akufo-Addo in the same room where Mama Rebecca slept.

She went on to say that one of Akufo-daughters Addo’s was aware of the affair but kept it hidden, as any devoted daughter would.

Below is a collection of more videos culled from Twitter.