Akua Saucy speaks for the first time in an interview after her nak#d pictures leaked online.

Akua Saucy, a popular Twitter influencer whose indecent photos and videos went viral, has now spoken out about what happened.

Akua saucy detailed how her naked photos and videos ended up on the internet in an exclusive interview with Rashad on GhPage TV.

Akua Saucy shared on Instagram that she met a guy who displayed interest in her and chose to start dating her.

She stated that she did not want to be in a relationship and informed the guy of her intentions.

She explained that the man agreed to be only friends with her and later bought her a phone costing 900 cedis.

According to Akua Saucy, a man in the United States of America has chosen to provide her 50 cedis weekly for her care.

She then decided to email the guy her naked images and videos as a thank you for buying her the phone.

Later, the social media sensation claimed that she fell in love with another man and decided to be in a relationship with him, which enraged her American buddy.

He then threatened to post her naked recordings on the internet if she refused to accept his proposal and also took him for a ride.

Nana Akua Asiedua Okine stated that he had collected up the phone that he had bought for her.

After threatening to end Akua Saucy’s life if she did not accept his love advances, he posted naked images and videos of her on Twitter, which went viral.

Check out the video below for an exclusive interview.

When her films went public, Akua Saucy said she was devastated and broken, but suicide was not an option for her.

She claimed that her family was there for her during difficult times and did not judge her for her mistakes.

She also cautioned young women to be cautious about trusting others.

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