After threatening to demolish the house he built for his girl due to cheating, family gives a man the younger sister of his girl.

A man who allegedly built a mansion for the family of his fiancée is now attempting to demolish it for this reason.

According to information acquired, the man not only built the house for the girlfriend’s family, but he also financially supported them.

The information was provided on Twitter by a user. He observed that the guy made all of these moves in order to marry their daughter.

When it came time to marry, however, the girl decided she wanted to be a model and eloped to Paris, France, with a white man.

The unhappy guy allegedly threatened to demolish the house he constructed for the family, but they begged him not to and instead asked him to marry his old girlfriend’s younger sister.

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The story was shared online by Twitter user @MaverickThamani, who stated,

A guy in Eleme built a house for his girl’s family. Carried the whole family on his shoulder. Time for marriage, she said she wants to become a model. Left him and followed one white guy to Paris. Baba said he will demolish the house. Family pleaded and gave him her younger sis”.

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