After six months of marriage, my husband began to lose weight, and the doctors discovered this.

A woman named Eugenie Mushimiyimana has revealed a heartbreaking story about her ailing husband Dennis, who has been in poor health since their marriage began.

According to Eugenie, her husband began losing weight six months after their wedding, and as the days progressed, his condition deteriorated. Dennis exhibited signs of insanity by breaking everything in the house. Doctors would eventually discover that he has brain fluid.

Following diagnosis, doctors advised Dennis’ illness necessitated the attention of a professional and that the couple travel abroad for his treatment. Dennis continues to live with the ailment four years after being diagnosed due to a lack of funds to transport him for treatment.

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Dannis’ illness eventually rendered him blind, and he proceeded to lose weight to the point that he is now bedridden.

The life of a couple with one kid is quite challenging, and as such, they rely on the assistance of their neighbors to raise both the child and themselves. Eugenie is unable to work or travel anyplace else since she is responsible for her husband, who is unable to care for himself.

The woman disclosed to interviewers that they had not paid their rent in over a year, and the landlord has asked them to vacate, but they are unsure where to go given her husband’s circumstances.

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