Afia Schwarzenegger releases list of Ghanaian celebrities including Gospel artists who smoke weed (video)

Afia Schwarzenegger, a controversial public figure, has claimed that many Ghanaian celebrities consume weed in the privacy of their homes, as she goes all out to expose them.

In a new Instagram video, the comedienne, who formerly boasted of consuming GhS5,000 worth of pot every week, claims that certain well-known gospel performers are also serial weed smokers in Ghana.

According to Afia Schwar, these celebrities are seen as ‘righteous’ by their fans and followers because of the songs they produce, but they consume rolls of cannabis like tea.

“The cannabis you chew and the amount you put in your tea and food is even more than Shatta Wale and Countryman Songo combined,” she explained.

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Afia Schwar asserted that no celebrity, including gospel musicians, could refute her allegations, and challenged them to conduct a blood test and bring the results to the new IGP.

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