Afia Schwarzenegger curses a little girl because her father trolled her on social media

Self Acclaimed queen of comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger has done something many people will not be happy with.

Afia Schwarzenegger cursed a little girl because her father commented on one of her posts calling her a strumpet and an adulterer.

The man known as Nana Opoku Eric said this in regards to a video that circulated some time ago that had Afia cheating on her husband with another man.

Afia Schwarzenegger did not take the comment lightly and went to his profile, she discovered the man had a daughter and proceeded to curse the little innocent girl.

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

see the post below.

Let me spell this to you .
I don’t give a fuck where my nudity is or where u keep it..
For you to think you will be sending it to me or posting it on my comment section perturbed me neither
Then I saw you holding a female child,I remember curses from Our may your daughter be abused more than I was in Jesus’s name
I didn’t cheat On anyone called my husband, I was abused n attack by ex but you claim you know the truth..
So if you are lying against me based on what you ve heard not what you know..May all your children suffer abuse in any relationship they find themselves in Jesus’s name..May they suffer hardship in Jesus’s name
The Bible said we should do good to the poor,so may every meal I give out on the street turns into poverty n lack in your life in Jesus’s name .
If the God of mogpa is alive..May every gift I give to orphans turned into lack n wants In your life in Jesus’s name.
Heaven Father May any mouth that accused me of cheating on my ex which is a total fabrication suffer this curses In Jesus’s name ..
May their destiny be ruined in the pit of hell by the power of the holy ghost.
Proverbs 26:2 says curses without cause shall not stand but becos you have lied against me may the God of Israel watch over his word In Jesus’s
Good day..n feel free to showcase your foolishness anywhere

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