Afia Schwarzenegger Arrested in connection to the law school protest against Government (video)

Ghana’s comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has been arrested by the Jubilee house police after protest were made by the Ghana law students about the law educational system.

Video footages hitting the airwaves shows students been sprayed with water cannons and rubber bullets.

According to reports, the police canceled the protest march 3 days before the demonstration but the leaders of the protest refused leading to the clash between students and police.

The police arrested some culprits and according to Afia Scharwarzegger, she was part of those detained.

She narrated her ordeals below.

“This is where Ghana is Now..
I simply dnt want to talk about my ordeal today…I was arrested for walking n to my disbelief a Flagstaff house soldier by the name Nkrumah told me they are taking me to Kennedy Agyapong’s house when I questioned him on where we were going…..till now I am waiting to hear 1 offence apart from walking from a restaurant.
Is Kennedy Agyapong’s house a cell And who said I am scared of Kennedy Agyapong.??? He also told me point blank how much they are looking for me…my producer was also assaulted for Nothing.
This is Ghana….I was harassed by grown men becos I am Afia Schwarzenegger. Wow.
My producer is currently on admission so I will attend to him for Now..And leave rest to the necessary authority
Thank God for the station master at VIPPU Security post at the flag staff house..God bless you”

watch the video from the protest below.

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