"Agradaa should not be blamed, her victims are greedy"- Afia Schwar

“Agradaa should not be blamed, her victims are greedy”- Afia Schwar

The controversial comedienne Afia Schwar had a lot to say about the recent scum episode that involved the former priestess-turned-preacher Nana agradaa and her congregation.

Taking into consideration the history of the self-proclaimed preacher’s business transactions, the comedienne voiced her disbelief at the gullibility of some Ghanaians and conveyed her horror at what had happened.

She claimed that even in the Bible, Jesus did not share money in the church, and she questioned whether or not all of these victims were members of the general voting public.

Afia Schwar however indicated that it’s only greedy people that fell prey to the scam of the founder of  the Heaven Way Church.

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