Afia Schwar blasts and attacks Suzzy Williams’ mother while revealing the “real cause of the actress’ death.

Controversial media personality, Afia Schwar, has taken to social media to express her strong opinions about the recent actions of Suzzy Williams’ mother. In a highly opinionated rant, Afia Schwar accused the grieving mother of fabricating stories about her daughter’s death in order to gain sympathy from the public.

According to Afia Schwar, who claims to have known Suzzy Williams before her tragic demise, it was her reckless lifestyle that ultimately led to her own downfall. Afia alleges that Suzzy was known for her excessive use of drugs, particularly marijuana, and was a well-known addict.

Responding to the plea made by Suzzy Williams’ mother to actress Nana Ama Mcbrown for assistance in paying her rent, Afia Schwar bluntly stated that Madam Cecelia should stop expecting handouts from others. In her opinion, no one owes her anything and she should instead focus on finding employment to support herself.

Afia Schwar went on to criticize Madam Cecelia for allegedly trying to exploit her late daughter’s death in order to gain financial benefits from sympathetic Ghanaians. She urged her to give Ghanaians a break and cease attempting to “cash out” from the empathy of others.

These statements from Afia Schwar have sparked a heated debate among social media users, with some supporting her viewpoint while others condemn her for her harsh comments towards a grieving mother. The controversy surrounding the death of Suzzy Williams continues to be a topic of discussion among Ghanaians.


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