Afia Adomah threatens to release s3xtape videos of ZionFelix and her, she has already released audio of them having s3x.

Zion Felix, a celebrity blogger, has made headlines once again for his affairs with a number of women.

A new scandal has slammed the popular blogger, following his scandal of impregnating three women, all of whom gave birth this year.

A ghost blogger on Instagram said that she has been having an affair with Zion Felix and that she is not ashamed because he is not married to any of the three baby mamas.

According to the ghost blogger Afia Adomah, when Zion Felix recently visited France, she purchased an airline ticket for her to travel from her base in the UK to France just so he could sleep with her.

She has written a note to Mina, Zion Felix’s long-term fiancée, acknowledging that the boy isn’t just for her.

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Afia Adomah has promised to provide intimate images and videos of her time with Zion Felix, including chats, tomorrow.

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