Adu Safowaa reveals she is in love with Twene Jonas after he defeated Afia Schwarzenegger

Adu Safowaa, the obnoxious television host, has found a new love that none of us expected.

Who can blame Safowaa for rushing to the first savior she finds after enduring humiliation after humiliation at the hands of Afia Schwarzenegger?

Twene Jonas has been anointed as Adu Safowaa’s spouse after she proclaimed her love for him.

Adu made the announcement on her Instagram page. She posted a snapshot of Jonas on Instagram and labeled it simply with the word ‘hubby.’

Twene Jonas has been slamming comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger in recent days, ever since Afia made the mistake of starting a feud with the toughest tongue in the profession.

Afia believed her petty feuds with Adu Safowaa and Mzbel would prepare her for a fight with Ghana’s insult king, but they didn’t.

After firing the initial shot at Jonas, the American nightmare for Ghanaian politicians destroyed her in a series of films that have effectively silenced Afia Schwarzenegger.

He dubbed her “fufu funu” and claimed her pure water company should be boycotted by Ghanaians because it uses snakes to make the water.

That was only the first round.

Afia Schwar was called out to do some damage control after seeing his video. She took films of herself drinking her water to show that it was safe, and she also displayed recordings of how it was made in the plant.

Jonas was obviously in the lead at the time, and he subsequently knocked her out with another video in which he claimed her lips were slimy like a “katriven snail.”

Jonas had already won by a huge margin, and Ghana had pronounced him the winner.

Safowaa has fallen in love with Jonas since he is the only one who has mellowed Afia in such a way.

Check out her post praising Jonas

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