A Young Ghanaian Almost Collapsed Betway As He Wins Over 2 Billion Bet In The Weekend

After taking a large risk with his money, a young Ghanaian man who tried his luck at sports betting over the weekend emerged as one of the big winners.

Sugar Kwami, as he’s known on social media, was beaming from ear to ear after 90 minutes on the field.

The teenage gambler, who is renowned for being a huge spender, staked GHC50,000 on three matches: AS Roma versus Sassuolo in Serie A, Olympique Lyon against Strassbourg in Ligue 1, and Leeds United vs Liverpool in the English Premier League.

Sugar Kwami’s overall odds were 4.30, according to photographs on social media, with odds of 1.61, 1.57, and 1.70, respectively.

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This meant that he would win 4.30 times the amount he had staked.

After his forecast was right, Sugar Kwami walked away with a whooping GHC225,597.23 ($37,319.64).

Photos of Sugar Kwami’s bet slip have elicited conflicting comments on social media, with many praising him for his unusually large victory.

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