A viral video shows a lecturer using scissors to cut a student’s braids at school, leaving viewers puzzled.

A video of a Benson Idahosa University lecturer cutting a female student’s braids has been making the rounds on social media, with many people expressing mixed reactions. The student, identified as @real_peace_seven07 on TikTok, shared the video on her page with a caption that read: “When you know the kind of school you are going and you are forming jagaban. I love my school so much.”

In the video, the lecturer is seen cutting and reducing the length of the student’s braids, while other students watch. The video has sparked a debate on social media, with many people criticizing the school for allowing such an act to take place, while others are calling for students to abide by the rules of their school.

Some people have argued that the lecturer was well within his rights to cut the student’s braids, as the school has a strict dress code policy that prohibits certain hairstyles. Others, however, have condemned the act, saying that it is a violation of the student’s rights and an act of bullying.

Regardless of the varying opinions on the matter, it is clear that this video has sparked an important conversation about the role of dress codes in schools and the rights of students to express themselves freely. As we continue to debate these issues, it is important to remember that every student deserves to feel safe and respected in their learning environment.

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