A mother and her daughter exchange blows openly over the same boyfriend

After a mother and daughter have interaction in a quarrel over a boyfriend, a video has gone viral on social media, resulting in people laughing. The man who is said to be in a relationship with the daughter is said to have paid a visit to the house. During his visits, his mother would give him a sideways glance, which caused his girlfriend to become suspicious.

Lady began to point fingers at her lover for allowing her mother to prepare meals for him rather than asking her when he was hungry. The fight began when she discovered her mother and her boyfriend seated in the kitchen eating breakfast without calling her from her bed in the morning. Both of them were exchanging words only for the purpose of interfering in a brawl that escalated to the streets.

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After understanding that it is a mother and daughter arguing over a man, the neighbors were taken aback by the spectacle. The young girl was upset with her mother for smiling and treating her lover in a proper manner around the house. Her jealousy brought an end to a beautiful mother-daughter relationship.

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