A kind-hearted man gives money to an egg seller who accidentally broke her seven crates of eggs.

A good-hearted man has chosen to take on the role of Santa Claus in order to help a woman who accidentally shattered seven boxes of her eggs.

In a Facebook post, the man described how he came upon the woman, who was sobbing over her broken eggs at the time.

He decided to assist her by providing her with an unknown sum of money so that she could purchase new eggs and still have enough money left over for transportation.

He posted the following on Facebook:

We just drove past a woman on the Mamfe-Koforidua stretch. She was down hearted after she broke all 7 crates of eggs she was selling.

Ramatu, a Wangara had travelled to a poultry farm in Aburi to buy the eggs, only to lose all immediately after alighting from the trotro at her business destination.

The cost price for the seven crates was 23*7= GHC 161. She would have made about GHC 21 profit if she delivered all 7 crates safely.

I immediately held back my tears🥲; gave her enough to start the business again, cover her profit and take a trotro home. I asked her to take good care of the baby, and to remember me in her prayers to Allah.

Merry Christmas to Ramatu and all her likes. Lets all hold a hand this xmas. Life no be easy for some ooo🥲. Your lunch money could be someone’s capital