A housewife has been arrested for allegedly plotting to kidnap her stingy husband.

In Nigeria, a housewife in Ogun has been arrested for plotting with others to abduct her husband, who she claims has money but is very stingy.

The lady, Memunat Salaudeen, was arrested on Monday, November 1, by Ogun State Police Command officers for plotting to kidnap her husband with three others.

The suspects were caught at 6:30 p.m. along the Papa/Itori road by men from the Federal Highway Patrol squad, commanded by Inspector Sunday Imohiosen, who were on stop and search duty.

The crew approached three young males on a motorbike, Olayinka Lawal, Asungba Nura, and Usman Oluwatoyin, whose appearance was exceedingly suspect, and stopped them for a search.

During the search, they retrieved a cutlass and a fresh strong rope. The squad swiftly separated them and questioned them separately about their purpose with rope and cutlass in that region.

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The three of them offered varied responses to the question, which heightened the police officers’ suspicions, prompting them to investigate them more.

During questioning, the three admitted that it was one woman, subsequently identified as Memunat Salaudeen, who gave them N8000 to buy a cutlass and a rope strong enough to bind a human being.

They further admitted that a lady who works as a nurse in their neighborhood, Balogun Tuntun Gas Line Ifo, ordered them to go and hide someplace along that route and that she would lure her husband to the location where they would kidnap him, tie him up with rope, and then demand a ransom.

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They also told the police that the woman told them it was the only way she could receive money from her husband, whom she accused of being stingy despite the fact that he was wealthy. It was the destination they intended to reach before being apprehended by authorities.

The woman was then taken to the site, and upon witnessing the arrested suspects, she confessed to being the mastermind behind the whole event.

She informed the police that her husband had not provided her with money and that she had chosen to organize his kidnapping in order to obtain money from him at any cost.

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