"A girl broke into my house just to give me a love letter"- Kidi

“A girl broke into my house just to give me a love letter”- Kidi

Kidi has revealed the details of his encounter with a fan who visited him at his house.

He asserts that once she found out where he lived, the girl went directly to his residence and knocked on the door. He said that the young girl was smiling and staring at him as he opened the door. He also said that she was looking at him.

The singer continued by saying that he was so taken aback that he questioned the woman what brought her there and how she found out that he lived there.

According to Kidi, who made an appearance on an episode of “ladies circle” that aired on TV3, a young lady disclosed that she studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and is a devoted follower of his musical work.

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She went on to note that because she would only be in Accra for a little length of time, she had made the decision to show her affection for him by presenting him with a gift and writing him a letter.

According to Kidi, he thanked the woman for the gift and the message of affection, but he forbade the woman from visiting his home on the grounds that “it was scary.”