A clear look at the interior view of Nana Agradaa's beautiful Mega Church (Video)

A clear look at the interior view of Nana Agradaa’s beautiful Mega Church (Video)

Nana Agradaa, the self-proclaimed woman of God, recently revealed that she has built a mega-church for God. She announced that the church will open on August 2, 2022.

Despite rumors that the Christian council had closed Nana Agradaa’s church, she came out to debunk them. There’s no denying that Nana Agradaa’s newly built church is massive from the inside.

Aside from that, the contemporary chairs, pulpit, and decorations are breathtaking. She has also been ordained as an Apostle. A video of the interior of the newly built church of self-proclaimed woman of God Nana Agradaa is shown below.