84 years old man reportedly k!lls his 75-year-old wife for denying him sex

Gabriel Ahuwa, who was 84 years old at the time of his arrest, was accused of using a machete to kill his wife, who was 75 years old, because she refused to have sexual relations with him. The Edo State Police Command detained Ahuwa.

Ahuwa was one of the 198 suspects in the case of armed robbery who were presented before the media on August 16, 2023, by the Command’s spokesperson, SP Chidi Nwabuzor. Cultism, kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms, and murder are just some of the crimes that have been committed.

The public prosecutor’s office reports that the suspect has been having problems with his wife as a result of her refusal to have sexual relations with him.

He claimed that the suspect does not feel remorse and that he believes that what he has done is the best way to handle the situation he is in.

Gabriel, when speaking with journalists, claimed that his wife had been having sexual relations with other men, while she denied having sex with him for a considerable amount of time.
“My wife was not paying attention to what I was saying, and no matter how many times I ask her to come to sleep with me, she always says no.” “Together, we have seven children, five of whom are boys, and two of whom are girls,” he explained.

He stated that he had informed his children about the situation and that one of his children had attempted to discuss it with his wife, but she had refused to listen.

“I reported the matter to my family as well as her family, but she failed to listen to them and continued her old ways, and I was hearing information that pastors were sleeping with her.” — “I reported the matter to my family as well as her family, but she failed to listen to them and continued her old ways.”

“Every time I demanded s*x, she would either tell me she was sick or that she had an ulcer, but at the same time, I was hearing rumors that she was sleeping with other men, and I don’t have the money to carry prostitutes,”

He claimed that in response to his complaint, his children had refused to send him money and had also not picked up his calls, claiming that their attitudes toward him had been poisoned by his deceased wife.

“Consequently, on Saturday of the week before last, in the afternoon, I went into the house, grabbed a cutlass, and proceeded to machete her all over her body. I did it in a fit of rage because she would not obey me, and I want other people to be aware of what I did.

However, he admitted that he was sorry for having killed his wife.

However, one of his sons, who desired to remain anonymous, strongly refuted the claim that they had deserted their father and stated that they had sent money to him.

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