51 years old herbalist arrested for bathing teenage girl as a treatment for illness

A 51 years old herbalist has been apprehended by the police after the father of a teenage girl who was sent to him for treatment filed a report that his daughter was defiled.

According to the father, the girl told him that the herbalist had sex with her whiles she was been treated and he use to bathe her as well.

Speaking of the accusations, the herbalist who is now in police custody revealed that he never defiled the girl.

He said the allegations were a ploy by the father and the mother of the girl not to pay him his remaining balance for curing the girl of her illness.

the herbalist said, “I am 51 years old. I am an herbalist in Uromi. A man called Clement came and told me his daughter is having problems in her head. He brought the daughter and I gave her medicine. We settled for N80,000. He gave me half and promised to bring the balance.

“He later came and said the daughter was getting better. I gave him another medicine. The next day, they came back and said their daughter claimed I raped her.

“There was no time I was left alone with the girl. I only bath the girl the first day they brought her. I didn’t do anything with her. It was the father that is now accusing me. It was the beating I received from the police that made me to confess to the crime.”

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