5 Top Celebrities Who Are Proud Of Their Artificial Body – Photo

Artificial body or plastic surgeries have become a common thing now in which most women are into it.

A few years back it was very difficult to boast of having your body done but it now seems to be normal to most women especially our celebrities.

Most celebrities have undergone plastic surgeries to look good as they preferred.

Making their waist tiny, enlarging their hips and butt, enlarging their boobs and many others are what most celebrities do to look more attractive.

Below are top 5 celebrities who feel proud of their enhancement body.

  1. Moesha Boduong: actress Moesha has gone for plastic surgery 3 times all to enlarge her butt. She is one of the celebrities who feel proud of her artificial butt and always open to talk about it.
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2. Princess Shyngle: Shyngle has also gone for plastic surgery to make her waist tinny. She once claimed her rips were removed that is why her waist looks tiny. She is also one person who is proud of her artificial body and never shy to talk about it.

3. Tonto Dikeh: Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has also undergone plastic surgery three times making her boobs look sexy and a tiny waist. Tonto is never shy but proud of talking about her body enhancement.

4. Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah: Celebrity Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah has also gone in for plastic surgery to look butty and sexy. She is one of the celebs who does not want to talk about her body enhancement but feel proud of her new looks as she always flaunts her new curved body in photos.

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5. Salma Mumin: actress Salma Mumin has also undergone plastic surgery and now has a big butt. Rumors spread that she is in Turkey to fix her butt during her vacation last year. Though she has not confirmed that yet her recent photos and old photos have a huge difference.