5 children who were put in prison and the crime they committed

Do you know of any young people serving any form of sentence in your area? The plight of these youngsters can make you cry, especially knowing that you can do little to help them.

The country’s laws allow for the punishment of children as young as 10 years old, up to and including life imprisonment.

Today we will look at several young people who were condemned to life imprisonment at a young age, and who have spent much of their lives in prison, unaware of the true value of freedom.

Some of these youths committed murders, and their parents could do nothing to save them. Most of them are adults in prison for many years, and some are very old.

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Since they started killing at a young age, the only way to stop them is to lock them up.


Lionel Alexander Tate was the youngest US citizen ever sentenced to life. Tiffany Eunick, 6, was murdered by a 13-year-old man.

He is currently 34 years old and serving a life sentence.


Draper was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his classmate Cassey. Draper was accused of stabbing the girl 29 times.

Brian Lee looks like this today after nearly his whole life in prison.


Joshua was 14 when he was charged with the first-degree murder of his 8-year-old neighbor, whom he stabbed to death.

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Joshua Phillips has spent practically his entire life in prison.


Smit, 13 years old, A four-year-old boy was murdered and Eric was condemned to death.

So, Smith after many years in prison.

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