33-year-old woman marries herself after being crippled from an accident she survived

a 33-year-old Kenya woman identified as Georgina Wambui has shared her sad story about herself after surviving a deadly accident.

according to Georgina, she became crippled after she survived the deadly accident and she is now wheelchair-bound.

Georgina claims all her friends and loved once left her behind because she is a wheelchair-bound.


and in other to be happy, Georgina has married herself during her 33rd bithday.

she narated;

“After the accident, I lost my friends who were close to me. That changed me a lot, it gave me a lot of strength. It made me realise some people are there to stay and others are not. This is one reason why I choose very few people around myself.

I chose to marry myself according to the inner feeling in me, not because I don’t believe in love, I do believe in love, I believe in marriage but I chose I will go for what I want not what the society wants.

You may choose to wait but will you wait for the rest of your life. I really wanted to be married to a man but it has taken longer than what I expected, that is why I decided I will go ahead and marry myself. After my wedding, the next thing is getting a child, that is where I’m heading now,”

33-year-old woman marries herself after being crippled from an accident she survived


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