25 years old lady caught trying to rἆpḝ 12 years old boy in an uncompleted building (watch video)

25 years old lady caught trying to rἆpḝ 12 years old boy in an uncompleted building (watch video)

Three young men have apprehended a young woman, who is presumably between the ages of 25 and 30 years old, in the act of molesting a youngster who is only 12 years old.

If you pay close attention to the video, you will notice that these men were in their storey building when they saw the woman and the child emerging from the unfinished construction.

At the front entry, the woman looked to her left and right to see whether there was anyone else there, but she did not see anyone.

Then, she instructed the little kid to take the initiative, but the males warned them that they had seen her and that if they tried to flee, the guys would give chase and beat them if they were caught.

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Both the woman and the young kid were shaking with fear as they stood there. The woman was attempting to convince the men that the young child is actually her younger brother, but the men asserted that she was being dishonest.

On the video, the guys can be heard asking the young child, “Do you know this woman? ” I am curious, how old are you? The young child, who identified himself as being 12 years old, stated both that he is not familiar with the woman in question and that he is in fact that age.

The woman began pleading with the men that she had not done anything inappropriate with the youngster while they were inside the unfinished structure, but the men replied that they would take them to the family of the young boy and explain the situation to them.

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watch the video below.