24 years old man sell Kola nut in traffic wearing a suit and tie (video)

The BBC has spotlighted a 24-year-old Nigerian guy who sells kola nut on the streets of Abuja while dressed in a suit and tie.

In a lengthy interview with BBC Pidgin, the young man claims that he swags up to provide a good impression in order to attract customers to his wares.

“People often wonder why I sell kolanut while wearing a suit and tie. I am happy like this, or am I not happy? Everything is clean, which makes me happy. My own kolanut is free of contaminants. I, for one, am clean. I have ironed my clothes and they are clean. I will put on my perfume if I have some.

Zubairu Ibrahim Sulaiman is my name, and I am from Kaduna. I am 24 years old. On Karu Bridge, I dress like this and sell kolanut inside the traffic. For the past three years, I have been selling kolanut. I have to swag every morning. I carry my socks around with me and place them on my leg. Carry, polish, and then place my shoe on my leg. My attire, including my shirt, tie, and suit, are ironed. I brush and wash my hair. I have my eyeglasses and a face mask with me. After that, I go out to sell kolanut.

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The suit has my respect. I do not mind whether the heat bothers me or not; I enjoy it. People tell me I dress inappropriately for someone selling kolanut. I tell them that it is fine if they do not like my kolanut-selling business; just provide me with another job that is better than this one. In my hands, I have something useful. If you do not like my business and claim it is too small for you, then provide me with something better so I can switch jobs and earn more money than selling kolanuts.

In my community, I have a sweetheart, and I have one year till I can eventually marry her. In a year, that is in 2022, I want to marry her. This suit is very popular with my girlfriend. How can she not like it if I like it? She does not like me if she does not like my clothes. She adores my outfit, and she adores me as well.

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I moved to Abuja from my village. I used to work with cows before I arrived here. I used to go into the wilderness with the cows. I came to Abuja in search of money to send to my father and brother. They will be able to use the money toward buying more cows and continuing to follow them. I only want to get some money in Abuja and then return to school. I would like to be a banker if I go to school now. “

Watch the video below.

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