23 years old widow cries as her husband's family members maltreat her (watch video)

23 years old widow cries as her husband’s family members maltreat her (watch video)

A 23-year-old widow has spoken out about the degrading treatment she received from her husband’s family members after his unexpected death.

The young mother of two posted a video on TikTok after her husband passed away, in which other women in her husband’s family can be seen shaving her head with a blade.

She claims that she was wed at the age of 19, and that her husband passed away just four years after they were married, leaving her with their two children, a boy, and a girl.

She also described how her husband’s family had taken all of his belongings from her by force, leaving her with nothing and having to take care of the children by herself.

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” I married at 19, had my first child at 20, second child at 21, became a widow at 23. They collected everything from me. The worst part is they don’t ask of the kids.”

View the depressing video below to learn more.