22 years old mother arrested after selling her baby to a pastor for Ghc 150

Amotekun apprehended a mother in Ondo State, Nigeria, after she sold her kid to a pastor in the state.

Seun Oladayo gave birth to a baby girl and decided to sell her for 10,000 Naira since she was unsure how she would care for her.

The pastor reported the case to Amotekun after taking the kid from her for 10,000 Naira.

She stated, “

“I asked the Pastor to take the baby away and bring N10,000 because I don’t know how I am going to take care of the baby.”

The pastor, Olawale, also known as Eri Aditu, said he did what the woman requested and then reported the case to Amotekun, Nigeria.

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The infant was handed to the pastor in a sack with the placenta by the mother, who was desperate to sell her baby, according to the pastor.

He remembered:

“I was told to bring N10,000, so that they can give the doctor N5,000 for his job and I did because if I did not, another person would come and buy the baby.

“I went to the Amotekun to report the woman and she was handed over to Police at Area Commander Yaba in Ondo West Local Government Area.”

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