22-Year-Old Boy Caught Chopping A Married Woman

22-Year-Old Boy Caught Chopping A Married Woman

A young man in Lagos who is 22 years old gave an explanation for his decision to drive an older woman who is the same age as his mother while she was in bed.

The young man who revealed his experience on Doactalk.com, an open forum on Facebook, explained that despite having graduated from college, this was the only way he could make ends meet.

“I please her sexually for the money,” the young man explained. “Which is why you always see me with the older woman, who is as old as my mother, because I don’t care what other people think of me,”

“I couldn’t find work despite my degree, and no one seemed to care. I am grateful to God for blessing me with the elderly white woman who allows me to earn a living by fulfilling her sexuality because I cannot steal or perform rituals for money,”

I’m doing this so that I don’t lose her to someone else. I use God’s blessings to attain the needs of existence. You can’t expect me to do anything because of the state of the Nigerian economy.

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According to the unnamed young man, he has never regretted any time spent with the elderly foreign woman who looks after him, and he went on to list some fortunes he has been able to acquire for himself thanks to the old woman’s funding, including a large mansion. 

“You may find that difficult to accept, yet that is the case. She is more appealing to me than a young girl who goes out with a lot of guys for money but can’t bring them home. Thanks to the elderly white woman, I was able to build a house and purchase a Lexus Jeep.”

22-Year-Old Boy Caught Chopping A Married Woman