16 years old twin girls get pregnant for One 16 years old boy

Of course, miracles will continue to happen as long as we live on this planet, and another one has struck in Cameroon, with 16-year-old twin sisters becoming pregnant for a man of the same age.

This comes on the heels of similar news from Nigeria, where twin sisters are expecting kids for their mother’s lover.

Unlike the scenario in Nigeria, where the guy in issue is willing to accept responsibility for his acts, the twin sisters and their destitute father were forced to flee owing to a problem in the area where the pregnancy happened.

“Meet this family of three,” says the story shared by a Facebook user. In the Buea suburbs, a struggling man provides for his almost pregnant children.

Theirs is not a lovely narrative, but rather an example of life as it is, especially in crisis-ridden English Cameroon.

This family resided in Tole, where both sisters (16 years old) were impregnated by the same boy their age in their neighborhood shortly before the armed conflict caused them to flee to Muea, where they remained with their father’s friend who smashes stones for gravel.

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They had to leave again, this time due to sexual harassment by a friend of their father’s. They moved to a village deep beyond Sandpit (Likoko) while still pregnant, where they live in a decaying board home with no doors or windows.

They sleep on the floor on a single mattress with no carpet, blankets, or extra bedsheets. Their home is surrounded by a thicket, which serves as a mosquito breeding ground as well as a habitat for other hazardous animals and insects.

Their toilet, which is accessible via a jungle trail, has no roof and only a single hole in the cement that serves as a floor. Algae and the branches and leaves of the trees surrounding it has coated the slimy, unstable cement. Two mud-soiled bedsheets hang at the entrance to the three brick-walled toilets with several holes for privacy.

This family spends 5,000 FCFA a month in rent to be in that house, and they do not even eat on a regular basis since their father can not find odd jobs on a daily basis.

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Local males in the region take advantage of this reality, forcing these vulnerable pregnant girls into bed, which they accept in order to feed their children.

I am curious as to how we came to meet them. When these pregnant females arrived at the Solidarity Hospital in Buea, we greeted them. We obtained their location and rented a car to travel to their neighborhood to observe their living circumstances and offer some basic supplies. We shot these photographs and films with their consent in order to share their experience with the rest of the world.

Their narrative exemplifies the difficulties of poverty, conflict, and IDP life. It demonstrates the vulnerability of underprivileged girls as well as the negative consequences of a lack of education.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter; we now appeal to the community, health organizations, female empowerment organizations, the government, and individuals of goodwill to help this family. Their prenatal care is taken care of by the Solidarity Hospital, but there is always room in their life for every helping hand. “

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