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Shatta Mitchy on why she stood by “poor” Shatta Wale

For most women of our generation, they will always go for the already made men. They shun men who are trying to make something out of life and follow made who have worked their way up already.

Most men have suffered broken hearts because their ladies gave up on them while they were trying to build something for themselves and their families.

Well, Queen of the Shatta Movement Empire, Shatta Mitchy has said she stood by Ghana’s Dancehall King when he was a nobody and had been out of the music industry for ten years.

According to her, she did not know Shatta Wale was going to become as big as he is currently but the believe she had in him kept their relationship going till date.

Shatta Mitchy who disclosed this in a post on Facebook said “My divas are asking how I knew daddy would make it I didn’t know, I just believed”.

Shatta Wale has always hailed Mitchy for being there for him and believing in his dream to build a music empire.


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