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​Silassie releases Banger to support UCC SRC presidential aspirant

B/A’s hottest rapper, Silassie, who goes by the slogan, ​”y3 steady ma Silassie”​, has released a mega banger in support of UCC’s promising SRC presidential aspirant, ​​The Raiser​​. The song, titled ‘Team Raiser’ is a cover of award-winning Nigerian rapper Olamide’s ‘WO’, and features the aspirant himself, ​Emmanuel Yaw Gyimah​.

It also gives an overview of events taking place and acknowledges halls and major hostels on campus. When asked why he (Silassie) made a whole song for the team, he had this to say: “I’ve known Emmanuel for several years and he has always been characterized by a strong spirit of altruism. He puts other people first in whatever he does and I believe he, together with the team, has a lot of liberal policies in store for the students and entire community of UCC. It’s only right that I do what I do best in solidarity with the team and to be in the good books of posterior events.”

The song was produced by renowed Ghanaian producer Tipsy. Enjoy.


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